Strategic Growth Plan, Bond Accountability

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UC In-Progress Bond Accountability Prop 1D

In-Progress Bond Accountability

As projects are being implemented, the University of California ensures that bond proceeds from Proposition 1D and other state capital outlay resources are expended for their intended purposes and in a timely manner, consistent with state and federal law and with policies of The Regents of the University. Bond accountability is a shared responsibility between the campuses and the Office of the President.

Interim Monitoring Activities

Capital outlay projects are formally reviewed by the Office of the President at the completion of the preliminary plans and working drawings phases and at contract award to confirm that the project adheres to the approved scope and budget, prior to authorization to proceed to the next phase. In all cases, the campuses prepare formal documentation of the status of the project in terms of its scope, budget, and schedule. The Office of President then coordinates the submittal of the appropriate documentation for the project to the PWB or the Department of Finance, as appropriate, for their approval.

The annual budget act may appropriate funds using a different process for some University projects. This process, know as the “streamlining process,” authorizes the University to proceed through the stages of implementation without further PWB review. The Office of the President acts as the approval agency for the University and applies the same rigorous review of the campus documents in this process as the PWB. The Department of Finance receives the Office of the President’s letter documenting review of the project, which has confirmed its conformance with the approved State budget and scope of work and authorized the campus to proceed to bid. The budget act requires the University to report annually to the Legislative Analyst’s Office and the Department of Finance on each project funded under the “streamlining process” to ensure that the project was completed in compliance with the state funds that were budgeted and the approved programmatic scope of work.
During construction, the campus project management team has primary responsibility for a capital outlay project. The Project Manager continually monitors all aspects of progress in the project in terms of contractor performance, maintaining the project schedule, and approving requests for payment. The team also includes an Inspector of Record who regularly reviews the construction, and determines whether the construction activities are in compliance with the contract. Finally, the team oversees any special materials tests and inspections that are scheduled during the construction process. The campus project management team is also responsible for making sure all accounting systems requirements are followed, including review and approval of financial reports, invoices, applications for payment, and change orders.

Quarterly Reporting Requirements

Campuses are required to submit a report quarterly on each project funded from state resources until the project is completed. These reports provide an update on the project status, percent of project completion, fund transfers and any changes to funding, costs or schedule. These quarterly reports are reviewed by the Office of the President.